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In order to satisfy you requirements, EMPR represents several manufacturers. We supply complete substations, up to 345 KV, switchgear, and dry type transformers, bus duct, motor control centers, vacuum contractors and breakers. Components manufactured by ABB, General Electric, Cutler Hammer, Merlin Gerin, LG and other manufacturers are utilized.

USED as well as RE-MANUFACTURED components are also available for immediate delivery. Circuit Beakers, complete switchgear, fused disconnects, distribution transformers, power transformers, meters, contactors, and protective relays.

Electrical wire and cable are products that can also be supplied by EMPR. We can supply standard and specialty cable for heavy industry and marine cables. We supply cable up to 161KV and we can also supply 600 Volt cable for many applications. The new wave of control signal transmission is fiber optics; these are also available from EMPR.

LG is a Korean manufacturer represented in the USA by Electro-MEC Products. EMPR is currently the authorized agent for these LG products in the Caribbean Market area. Electro-MEC Products has a large inventory of:

  • Contactors

  • Overload Relays

  • Magnetic Starters

  • Fiber Optic Cable

  • Timers

  • Molded Case Breakers

  • Electronic Overloads

  • Manual Starters

  • PLC's & Inverters

  • Relays

Motor starters can be supplied in many configurations such as Full Voltage, Wey Delta, Autotransformer and Solid State. These units are available thru 13.8 KV.

The Preventive Maintenance Tool for the
elimination of failures due to ground faults.

MotoSafe Insulation Monitors are "Early Warning" devices.


Motor Insulation ALWAYS deteriorates. Frequent starts and temperature extreme crack insulation. Harsh conditions - moisture, dust, corrosive aerosols - accelerate aging. Then, when the motor is idle, humidity accumulates, lowering insulation resistance and causing burnout on starting.

Two types:

  • MG600 for motors up to 600 V AC or DC

  • Type MHV for motors up to 13.8 kV AC


For Low Voltage AC
Motors & Generators

For Medium Voltage
AC Motors
For High Voltage
AC Motors




AEM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD designs, manufactures, installs and services Outdoor Switchgear for both Transmission and Distribution Substations and Networks. Being Australian owned, with manufacturing facility in NSW, we are able to design and manufacture equipment, not only to meet Local Specifications, but also meet the short delivery times demanded by the industry.


Locally designed to comply with AS and IEC Standards, with company accreditation to ISO 9000:2000, our products are in service with all major Transmission and Distribution Authorities in Australia.


Products range from 11kV to 500kV and include,

  • Three Phase Rotary Double Break Disconnectors and Earth Switches.
  • Independent Earth Switches.
  • Expulsion Dropout Fuses (Cut Outs).
  • EDO (Cut Out) Fuselinks.
  • Single Phase Isolating Links.
  • Three Phase Vertical & Side Break Disconnectors and Switches.
  • Customised Disconnector Designs.
  • Products for Special Applications.


    AEM Australia




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