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Coil Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) is represented by EMPR. As the name states CMI is a specialized formed coil manufacturer based in Alabama. The company consists of two departments, the A/C coil manufacturing section and the D/C coil manufacturing section.

The CMI factory is proud of the fact that the quality of the coils manufactured is their first criteria. CMI also boasts that their standard delivery for a set of coils is 3-5 days with rush or overtime deliveries as short as 24 hours.

CMI manufactures coils up to the 6.9KV class; the customer either supplies a sample or fills out a complete data sheet. Our engineering department also has the capabilities to assist customers with upgrading of the old coil. CMI utilizes all new copper with class H film; single out double glass coatings are also available in the same deliveries as standard wire. Varnished coils or "green" coils ready for varnish can be supplied. If the customer utilizes a VPI system coils can also be manufactured for that process. Many customers do not have a VPI system so we offer alternatives such as our sealed coil system. This system is better than a conventional system; it is not meant to replace a VPI system but it offers a better coil than standard at a reasonable cost with quick deliveries.



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