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Solid State Starters                                        A/C Inverters

Motortronics Inc. is represented by EMPR. A leader in the solid state starter technology, Motortronics has ratings from 1 HP through 1250 HP on low voltage starters (0-600 VAC); they also manufacture starters for motors in the 2300 Volt class up through 13,800 Volts with sizes ranging up to 15,000 HP. Units are available in chasis NEMA 1, NEMA 12, 3R and NEMA 4X. A special quarry duty design is also available.

Motortronics also has available a competitive variable speed A/C inverter which is available from 1/2 HP through 600 HP at 200 Volts - 480 Volts ratings. Many different configurations are available including stainless steel enclosed units.

EMPR is a distributor for several manufacturers variable speed D/C drives up through 5000 HP and A/C drives though 10,000 HP. The units offer state of the art technology; most ratings are available for quick delivery.



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