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Mechanical power transmission is offered in both NEW and USED or RE-MANUFACTURED units. These units are available from small fraction 1/2HP thru the large 50,000HP capacity. Both speeds increasing units as well as speed decreasing units are available.

EMPR specializes in supplying USED or RE-MANUFACTURED gear reducers with emphasis on the petro- chemical refinery plants as well as the sugar factories. A large inventory of gear reducers is always on hand for quick deliveries.

EMPR also distributes several different manufacturers of gear reducers for many applications. We can offer reducers in configurations such as in-line, parallel shaft, offset parallel, right or left angle. These units are available with worm gear, helical, bevel or planetary gears. Some of the manufacturers we sell are David Brown, Lufkin, Radicon, Textron, SKK, Eurodrive, Sumitomo and others.

If you are looking for someone who can repair or supply gears, we can help. Our suppliers can custom build or repair your existing gear. Capabilities include up to 120-inch gear diameter. Customers can save time and money having their existing gears repaired or a reverse engineering is performed and a new gear manufactured.



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